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Grand Theft Auto V features three playable characters. When you opt to switch characters, a Google Earth-like view appears and the camera zooms in on the character that you selected. You can access any of the three protagonists off-mission with free-roam, but you cannot access them on-mission. Once you are in the mission, you can still switch characters, but only for unique objectives. The main characters of GTA V and NPCs feature thousands of custom animations.

Each character has their own unique story-arch, likeness, distinctive walk, personality and lives when you are not controlling them. So, for example, if you are playing as Michael, Trevor could be leading a separate life off-camera to what you are doing with Michael. Your character also only regenerates up to 50 percent which means that if you want to go to full health, you'll have to buy food or look for health packs.

To switch between the three protagonists players will use the D-Pad where they will select either: left, up, right and down for their multiplayer avatar. You may be prompted sometimes by the game to choose a specific character but you don't have to if you don't want to.

It has also been confirmed that some characters from GTA IV will be returning, however it will not be Niko Bellic or any of the other major characters. The Republican Space Rangers that made an apperance on GTA IV TV will also be making yet another appearance in GTA V TV.

The Protagonists


  • Michael is a retired bank robber, who made a deal with the FIB and is currently in the witness protection program.
  • Lives in a mansion in Rockford Hills (based on real-life Beverly Hills).
  • Married to wife Amanda, and has a teenage daughter named Tracy, as well as teenage son Jimmy.
  • Has an awkward father-son relationship; his kids and wife spend most of his money and is in a bit of a crisis, and is pulled back into crime through this.
  • Michael is the brains of the protagonist trio. He is a "smooth operator," skilled, and the effective leader.
  • Michael has a special ability of his own version of bullet time.
  • Michael also has a fascination with old movies which translates into his own crimes.
  • Has a bit of an ego and can be bad-tempered.
  • Michael hangs out in the business districts.
  • When switching between players a flash on the screen will appear: Michael is blue.


  • Former military pilot.
  • Lives in a trailer in Blaine County (desert).
  • Used to work a few bank jobs with Michael back in the day.
  • Drug-dependent, always willing to put his neck on the line (not kidding either, look at the tattoo on his neck!).
  • Trevor has a special ability of frenzy mode; where he does double damage, takes half damage, and has a unique melee attack.
  • Trevor will always be the best pilot despite the ability to raise skill levels.
  • Trevor hangs out in the wastelands.
  • When switching between players a flash on the screen will appear: Trevor is orange.
  • Trevor is at war with "The Lost MC."


  • In his early 20s; works at a luxury car dealership.
  • In the short demo previewed by Game Informer, Franklin was driving around Vespucci Beach (GTAV's equivalent of Venice Beach) in his 9F (equivalent to Audio R8).
  • He goes hustling now and then, and he met Michael during one of these events (through a repo job).
  • He's a skilled driver and sniper.
  • Michael is his mentor.
  • Franklin is an adrenaline junkie and his special ability is slowing down time whilst driving.
  • Franklin will always be the best driver despite the ability to raise skill levels.
  • Franklin usually hangs out in the ghetto.
  • When switching between players a flash on the screen will appear: Franklin is green.
  • Simeon's dealership has quite a lot of high-end vehicles which Franklin can use immediately.
  • Surprisingly, Franklin does not own Chop -- Lamar does.
  • Chop can distract enemies, giving an advantage against them.

Other Characters

Lamar - Franklin's crazy friend. Kind of ambitious and more of a wild person than Franklin is. Franklin is more serious than Lamar. Lamar owns Chop.

Jimmy - Michael's son who is a lazy, blazed out 20-year-old kid who spends Daddy's money. Doesn't have a really close relationship with his father, Michael.

Ron - Trevor's best friend. He is a conspiracy theorist who lives in a trailer. He's always paranoid and is also afraid to spend time with Trevor.

Amanda - Michael's wife. She is a pretty fiesty character and isn't the girl you'd expect to see in a GTA game. She is bound to her and Michael's past lives to the point where she can't stand him anymore.

Tracy - Michael's daughter. Typical spoilt brat who also spends her father's money. She goes on shopping sprees.

Simeon Yetarian - An unscrupulous Armenian car dealer which Franklin and Lamar work for.

Impotent Rage - A down-in-the-dumps "cape crusader" who gets his own TV show, he will also be out in the streets of Los Santos lecturing about his "acting" career.

Janey Jonas - A narcissistic teen starlet, she says "I'm the voice of a generation" and is very affirmative about her prescence as a wanted actress in Vinewood.

Pamela Drake - A pornstar dropout. She's audaciously bespoken about her times within the Vinewood porn industry and she rambles on about "A Slut in Paris" being written for her.

Jock Cranley - A conservative opponent to Sue Murry who was also a famous stuntman for television and screen.

Sue Murry - A divorced, liberal school teacher who plans to put San Andreas on the up-and-up again with massive increase in government spending and public radio.

Dr. Isiah Friedlander - A therapist in Los Santos and most importantly, he is Michael's therapist.

Another thing to add to the secondary characters is that they will, themselves, go up to people and interact with them; in one of the previews Lamar had interacted with a homeless drunk.