Welcome to the community wishlist, a collection of the most popular wishes for the next Grand Theft Auto game as submitted and voted on by you. This page aims to consolidate the frequently posted - yet rarely read - wishlists for the next Grand Theft Auto game into a single, ultimate wishlist.

The wishlist is no longer operating. The list can be viewed but no suggestions added or rated.

The List

  1. fast go karts !!! plus free roam co-op zombie mode for single and multiplayer
  2. Fly airplanes helicopters and being able to buy and own them
  3. Become a boss im big holdings own skyskapers
  4. Buy properties like mansions
  5. no more liberty city. We seen liberty way to much. Go back to vice city or sanandreas. Sanandreas was only used 1 time.
  6. The ability to select from a variety of fighting styles
  7. To Be able to disarm cops when they try to arrest. Also you should be able to arrest criminals instead of killing them.
  8. Wild animals like wolves, dear, ect. If there is forests
  9. Old museum with just-working planes and spy jets(like the one in Transformers 2) and give more freedom to space!
  10. Let more than 4 people enter a large vehicle! allow a whole online server join in a bus trip! same with an airoplane!
  11. woodland hundreds miles stretching.salt flats.lots ofRAF/jumbo jets&chunuks with vehicles aboard for online people t'use
  12. Have Nightclubs with food places and strip club.
  13. be able to go into space with a rocket.
  14. You can Enter Trains at the station or out on the street.
  15. new radio stations and new clubs that are open 24/7
  16. cool new and awesome tv shows
  17. Tanks,and different types of grenades
  18. be able to play playstation or xbox games in free roam
  19. return of wasted ,busted and insane stunt bonus and be able to smoke at anytime , anywhere
  20. lots of cool new and hip songs
  21. train system like in red dead redemption
  22. add awesome stuff like jetpacks , parachutes etc.
  23. Cars not getting dirty so quickly like they did in GTA IV
  24. the police shouldn't always know that you committed the crime
  25. Frostbite 2 technology.
  26. big rig
  27. funner vehicles and weapons like a submarine or giant airship,even militayr vehicles like apc or tanks!
  28. more vehicle variety and huge vehicle such as aircraft carrier and airbus/beluga ,trucks+trailers,homes can be broken in
  29. SEASONS(fall,summer,spring,winter)
  30. ZOMBIES!!!!!!
  31. Be able to go into everyy store/buildings, have hotels and penthouse suites for sell
  32. Go to the airport and not get a wanted level. Be able too fly planes to
  33. female or male main character chioces
  34. music that is actualy cool like kings of leon black eyed peas katy perry david guetta britney spears lil wayne drake etc
  35. red dead redemtion health system and offline co-opretavive campaign similar to the single player 1
  36. customizable clothes cars cribs/lofts and younger main character that is black or mexican
  37. children!!!!!!!!!
  38. Snow should fall, and should also build up after a while. Only to then be plowed by a Snowplow later on.
  39. K-DST!!!!!!!
  40. Gang Rivals fight against each other not only ours. Suicides more homicides underground safes till police arrests you
  41. Add more nationalities in the game, different languages, different mafias eg: Africans etc
  42. communicate with anyone on the game make friends, go out involve people like thugs in some missions
  43. More realistic crashes and sense of speed, bring back the gas tank and explode cars
  44. 4 or 5 different countries eg: U.S.A Brazil Mexico Portugal or even U.K
  45. People committing more crimes with different types of crimes, police won't focus in the main character so much
  46. No more tazers, invincibility and game-freezing mods that ruined online... plus keep the swingsets
  47. There is real mud/soft material that your can get bogged in or slowed down.
  48. San Andreas - Multiple cities
  49. The Countryside
  50. Sage & Radio X return and San Andreas
  51. To be able to damage the environment like trees and buildings.
  52. Make side jobs that are always available even when you beat the game( like driving school buses, racing, etc.)
  53. Same release date for all 3 platforms: WINDOWS PC, Xbox 360 & PS3.
  54. Bring animals,kids,and fun vehicles like Apc and the buzzard!
  55. have cj,niko,gay tony,luis,Johnny,packie,tommy,claud and many other characters stay alive and give you missions
  56. have all the island have a airport so you can buy tickets to go to the next one,all gtas are connected,every gta map,
  57. huge semi+trailer driving around town,vehicle that can hold stuff,flatbed or huge boats/airplanes
  58. have millions of new vehicles like semi w/trailers plus ones that dont belong on the road like motorized shopping carts
  59. Strippers at least get topless during a lapdance
  60. Having a job as mechanic. or you can buy a place and turn into a business like car repair shop for change tires
  61. more stuffs to waist your money, businesses, big houses, partys, casinos, charity, bribes...
  62. more blood , guts, torture, and the ability to custamise your charactor (i.e hair eyes(any color) face tatoos crib ect)
  63. turf war drug war your own empire
  64. Random parties at houses you can attend
  65. Cheats should remain the no star cheat*
  66. You should have the character to start from 13 and grow older
  67. Have a space station and be able to take a rocket into space, even land on the Moon.
  68. Missions that involve silencers in weapons
  69. Missions that involve climbing and running
  70. Motion scan tech
  71. Real in game myths
  72. a weapon wheel like in red dead redemption
  73. If you kill someone very discreet or silently the cops shouldnt arrive
  74. If you commit a crime people dont get out of their cars to run.
  75. The most important thing a good looking character not like gta:sa or gta:iv. Need a handsome one...
  76. Elizabetha, Malorie, and other people from IV make an appearance if stayed alive.
  77. Still have the decision to kill or keep alive characters in game.
  78. instead of one city they should make it an entire planet and you can kill every one on the planet. destrucible buildings
  79. ability to be an undercover cop or prostitute!
  80. I would like to design cars, add like paint jobs and wheels and body's for cars and interior and etc. PLEASEEE.
  81. Make guns a player uses often easier to use as time progresses, and others harder to use when there's less experience.
  82. more interstates and highways
  84. have planes with an in cockpit view as well, and have dials and all sorts of stuff inside, and have more than 15 planes!
  85. have in cockpit views when driving a car
  86. if u get tikets 4 speeding, if u get like ova 5 and its over 10,000 bucks in fines then the come arrest u!
  87. have a speed gauge with a area speed limit above it, and if a cop sees you speeding they pull u over and give u a ticket
  88. more weapons (like revolver, more shotguns, more machine guns, more rifles) more cars, and have it set in san andreas
  89. have the ability to wear seat belts
  90. have all weapons and vehicles in the all gta series andyour character can do parkour.
  91. In MP just ur general location on the map, no gamertag above ur head so you can blend in with traffic & peds if need be
  92. A 3 lane+ dedicated interstate system to allow for quick travel around the map. No highways turning into 2 lane streets.
  93. events like football games baseball games basketball games well u get the point put sports in it
  94. Use/Dealing of drugs (Using drug has benefits like harder to kill, But it makes you wanted when cops see you 1 stars)
  95. infamous styled morality choices that affect the story and game play
  96. be able to dual hold gun and swords and also be able to use shot guns on bikes and in cars
  97. your gang members can got to prison and you can plan a break out in free roam mode
  98. be able to drink when ever you like and be able to command your gang to take over turfs with out you being there
  99. have people high jack you randomly
  100. have a gang like in San Andreas
  101. offline co-op and offline co-op campaign
  102. you can take three of your friends out at the same time
  103. game scope bigger than San Andreas
  104. more car variety
  105. prison feature like on red dead redemption
  106. more girls to date
  107. Different kind of street races, Circuit, Sprint, Drag, Drift etc.
  108. The main character to be british, british people have a funny accent and also they usually have funny jokes.
  109. Real street races,each saturday Night there is fancy/styled cars driving around, and a lot of ppl where the race is hold
  110. Bring back driving, bike, and flying schools. But don't make them necessary for the story's completion!
  111. Bring back more clothes shops/variety of clothing. But keep the way you shop for clothes from GTA IV.
  112. The ability to be a passenger in car. You could hold someone hostage and make them drive you somewhere maybe?
  113. The ability to use indicators/turn directors.
  114. Please. No Zombies. It would ruin the whole GTA series.
  115. Bring back fun vehicles and weapons like the Kart, Golf Caddy, Minigun and the load of aircraft from San Andreas!
  116. When you actially
  117. express expressions
  118. buy your own phones
  119. be able to reply on the internet when somebody talks to you
  120. be able to purchase grocerys and houses
  121. start off with a learners licence
  122. more activities to spend your money on
  123. cops can die whenever you hit them hard while they are in the car like pedestrians
  124. Better variety of shoes more better variety of clothes to choose from In every store
  128. CHICAGO CHICAGO CHICAGO please lets play in CHICAGO have everything even towerldder firetruck and historic CABRINI GREEN
  129. In car view, You can drive in 1st person like in racing games.
  130. helicopter with siren
  131. ability to become part of EMS services
  132. Turn Signals please let this have turn signals.
  133. federal eq2b sirens, ability to control fre truck deck guns and raise ladders
  134. A part of the storyline could be related to gone in 60 seconds like vice city was to scarface
  135. Create a social class where if maintained a certain amount of money ur invited to high class car auctions etc
  136. Bring avery colonel cortez and bj smith laslow etc
  137. Bring Donald love back
  138. Id like to see forgotten cars from gta 3 return like the karuma
  139. All vehicles require gas this will give realism and some circulation of money in the game
  140. have the ability to be a limo or taxi driver and actually pick up people from their houses or apartments.
  141. Taxies should not all be fords and minivans...there should be more of a selection.
  142. School Buses
  143. more limos Lincoln's, escalades, hummers, etc & Ability to use your phone to get picked up in a limo, town car, or taxi
  144. these ppl get alota stuff nd kno when its comein out apparently
  147. The ability to grapple hold someone, run with them & use environmental objects to kill them
  148. GTA:SA + Saints Row 2 = GTAV
  149. Every weapon should have its own execution/counter/finisher like dual swords,dual pistols(can be automatic)
  150. Police uniforms in multiplayer
  151. The ability to do an execution with a any weapon like sword or gun or fist w/o it having to be a mission
  152. the ability to have paintball wars
  153. The ability to put the car in cruise control
  154. cops need to let you fight. They need to stop automatically thinking you caused the fight. You can't defend yourself?
  155. the dating website should work in free roam to, not only in missions. You can date whoever you want(women,men,etc)
  156. attend live sport events, V.I.P Parties
  157. passengers in your car or in another can fly out the window whenever you hit omething really hard and fast
  158. make the car wash big enough to wash all the cars
  159. Ability to have different fighting styles and each one has its different counters and finishers
  160. they should have fighter jets & the police should have chargers & trucks & bikes real exotic police cars lamborghini
  161. be able to own your own business, create your own cars and trucks, and build houses/apartments.
  162. all of the big rigs should be able to carry all trailers
  163. Mote free running should be incorporated and the city should be like a free running playground or park
  164. Players can have any type of pet from cat to lion/tiger from monkey to gorilla
  165. Car engines should be louder & sound real and can change with car customization
  166. Bring back the 8-Ball shops so you can provide your cars with grenades to drop like in the good old GTA2.
  167. players should have the ability to flip, acrobatic stunts & use it for free running and fighting styles
  168. players can customize any vehicle and they should have better cars & plenty of things to customize like everything
  169. Players should be able to choose their traits like acrobatic, stealthy, strength, speed etc. athletic
  170. Players should be able to play basketball and go hunting like red dead redemption
  171. Players have the ability to carry four weapons like dual swords and two pistols
  172. We should be able to customize ourselves like the beginning of saints row 2 make your own Identity
  173. Have car accidents appear around the city. They can result in traffic jams, delays, and emergency services responding.
  174. when pedestrions die ambulances pick them up to go to the hospital. Or when you die ambulances can also revive you
  175. When driving around you maybe see dead people on the floor and cops investigating+ realistic car accidents
  176. The ability of 2 player mode (co-op, split-screen) and activities you could do together (gamble, games, drinking games)
  177. When you free roaming in notorious areas you visualise gang fights etc.
  178. The continuation of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or continuation of IV.
  179. Have real-based characters like tu-pak for instance
  180. Create better cheats only when done with story mode (i.e. Every one hates you, riot mode, god mode etc.)
  181. make 2 or more different main cities (i.e like you fly from liberty city to san andreas).
  182. Make more internet sites, easier and more dating with characters. Create more things to do when free roaming.
  183. have a second mod without online with zombies or something like that
  184. Allow modding and user-created content for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 ports. Uses files the game already understands
  185. Ability to kick-in doors, and shoot off the hinges/locking mechanisms of locked doors.
  186. hitman mode
  187. the ability to weaponize ANYTHING (EX: pen, rock, beer bottle)
  188. let the player make descisions that effect the storyline.
  189. More involved Assassin Missions. Like in GTA:SA when you visit Liberty City, some targets live elsewhere in the world.
  190. Working for a stripclub owner like Jizzy from San Andreas.
  191. pimpmobile!
  192. People on balconys, partys, quiet night with hookers and drug dealers people being chased by police.
  193. people stopping because of a car accident, getting out of their car, and calling an ambulance to go to the hospital.
  195. 1.all kinds of glocks,, 3.better character, 5.gun holsters, sell drugs
  196. ability to get a gang and hold people or stores up
  197. ability to give in to the cops arrest or not
  198. gas in cars where you have to fill up every once in a while
  199. less cheats so you have to earn more by hard work
  200. nascar track that has races all the time then you can run on the track at anytime and get hit or spawn your own car
  201. co op mode to beat the game or free mode with freinds
  202. they should add kids
  203. news casting on the radio
  204. people of all different sizes and ages
  205. people talk on the phone while driving losing concentration killing someone walking the streets
  206. poor people dont ask for money
  207. pimps, pimpmobiles, drugs, hookers, rap music, strip clubs, cocain, weed, everything illegal, alleyways making use...
  208. prostitutes have walking styles like in san andreas
  209. Everything is realistic when driving taking people in the car who were walking the streets and smash them off cliffs.
  210. make use of the roof tops in the city
  211. More searious car accidents
  212. Going underwater like in San Andreas
  213. Custom radio chan: Mix/match songs,ads,and radio interviews/personalities from game w/ external mp3s on player made chan
  214. People being like Ragdolls when getting hit or fall.
  215. Create animals in the game like stray dogs roaming around the city, being walked in the parks etc. Give atmosphere.
  216. Attention, Bring back the shark in vice city but make them larger, make them violent and able to be hunted.
  217. Bring back planes of all types with features on the display the resemble devices in cockpits like altidude, speed etc
  218. Bring back the Mod shops so you can design your cars the way you want to like San Andreas
  219. Improve the feel of driving so when you drive not only does your engine sound like your moving fast but you actually are
  220. Bring back Tommy Vercetti to play some role in the next Gta. As well as other well known characters and voices
  221. Bring back Parachutes in not only the city stories game but also the regular gta5
  222. Have some form of Spedometer so you know how fast you are going so you can judge for yourself how fast cars are.
  223. Bring back the Cheetah sports car and allow gta5 to feature all of the sports cars and more as well as new import cars
  224. Bring back Malls, every big city has them. Contains stores similar to the ones in Vice City.
  225. Car auctions are present periodically, apart of the city life. You can bid or steal rare sports cars
  226. Vehicles requiring gas to make use of the many gas stations and give some realistic quality to the game. Cars use gas!
  227. Well-known voice actors, like Samuel L. Jackson in San Andreas. Matt Stone and Trey Parker would be sweet...
  228. More realistic appearance for people
  229. night clubs are open at all hours and never close after a shoot out & a mission with a shootout in a night club.
  230. Grand Theft Auto
  231. people in certain locations are all over the map not just in one location. and there are different types of people.
  232. Love connection websites no longer exsist in GTA games but you hear about them on the radio.
  233. Internet websites give better hints and access to hit up a map of where the most crime is in the city. If a new location
  234. harder to lose the police when you do something like kill someone or rob a bank or house.
  235. New mission types: like going on a semi-tall building and assasinating a popular gang member or someone like a celeb.
  236. Night clubs in the next GTA with new dance moves and better songs!!! :-)
  237. Next location: New location different from previous locations in GTA game history :-)
  238. Next location: San Andreas
  239. Next location: Vice City
  240. Director Mode, create Halo 3 style gameplay clips and cut together gameplay, save as videos with game soundtracks.
  241. Multiplayer map maker, street layout editor and you position in-game buildings and features, make ramps, enemies etc
  242. Rival families who respond to your actions, such as attack properties or try to assassinate you. Public areas are safer.
  243. Hearing radio conversations with the police during a vehicle pursuit like in Need for Speed.
  244. A cooldown meter after the police loses visual contact with the player.The higher the star-level the higher the duration
  245. The Police may be able to set up ambushes to arrest the player.
  246. A notoriety meter like in Assassin's Creed 2. Police should be actively looking for the player when the meter is full.
  247. Work should be done on fire effects and explosions to make them more realistic.
  248. The ability to upgrade, personalize and keep your weapons. If you lose your weapons, call for a dropoff.
  249. the ability to set your camera angle, when driving the camera angle is too low IMO
  250. have rappers starring in story mode and customize your own player
  251. i would like to see a gta in atl and have full customed cars like we see in the south
  252. ability to join up with the police, army,fire dept, medic or a terror cell with the optional choice of a training course
  253. have several vigilante's that chase you when a wanted level it obtained. kind of a reverse of the vigilante missions
  254. More autosaves. Period.
  255. The ability to do parkour on buildings and cars, as opposed to awkwardly clambering onto every surface.
  256. Give me a list of names to choose for my character
  257. Add an inventory system for other items like newspapers, food, drugs, keys, etc...
  258. ability to set cops up with weed just to get them busted
  259. Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher.
  260. The ability to pull people over as the cop, with the animation asking for the license and registration etc.and arresting
  261. Make the roads/highways/overall traffic system more realistic with turn lanes, separate red lights, more signs, etc
  262. Off Road vehicles/ 4wd
  263. A in-game website where you can download skins, outfits, and cars made by other people for the Xbox 360, and Ps3 version
  264. smarter cops: more crimes you commit = more cops and they would be stricter, less crimes you commit = less cops
  265. a lot of side missions to earn ability's like stealth, speed, stamina
  266. More car showrooms
  267. Random protests and demonstration marches.
  268. More phrases for main characters especially instead of the repitition.
  269. If not set in a capital city, have a visit from a President or Prime Minister- maybe an assassination mission.
  270. Amish villages with villagers who scream at cars driving through!
  271. Hippie communities
  272. Cool homeless people who wear things like foil and TV components who think the government are watching them.
  273. sprunk gives you energy boost and makes you run faster
  274. Add tanks!
  275. Cars travelling not just on one specific road (Like going to woods, camping there etc.)
  276. Make new cities as DLC (like in Skate 2,3) where you can download maps and play them on MP or SP.
  277. Modern weapons, enough with the Ak47.
  278. Topless Strippers
  279. Be able to create, play and share your own missions. Just like the DYOM mod in SA :)
  280. save system like red dead redemption where you can replay any mission when it's done
  281. the game should be free.
  282. Mountains like Mt. Chilid also with dangerous animals & people traveling the mountain
  283. Finding lots of unique weapons/clothing/gadgets around the map. Makes exploration more fun.
  284. Branching main story. Ability to choose (between good & evil) with consequences = more dynamic story. Some RPG elements
  285. People don't run and scream for nothing
  286. People don't say you stink.. ability to take a shower.. or change clothes and smell better
  287. Calling the cops to actually do their job. not to just come, stare, then drive away..
  288. Fat bottom girls
  289. Have an arch enemy. Some one looking for you.
  290. Have the news crew on TV/radio actually be there on location.
  291. GPS bugs that you can put on anyone. Hidden camera w/ mics. Police surveillance van.
  292. Chainsaw trees and people.
  293. Pimp for cash.
  294. Jump on moving train from chopper, plane, horse, bike, etc. then board it while in transit.
  295. Midget gang.
  296. Bungee jumping, scuba diving, surfing, fishing.
  297. Your guy can have broken bones that effect movement.
  298. Hijack armored cars anytime. Jump on moving vehicles.
  299. Functional camouflage. Shadows.
  300. Grappling hook.
  301. Marching band!!!
  302. Be able to use sinks & showers to clean up. Use toilet #1 & #2. Etc...
  303. Rickshaw!!!
  304. Some people will tail you if you happen to catch their attention.
  305. Ability to pirate a boat.
  306. No forced story. A true free roaming world where you make your own story based on your interaction with the environment.
  307. Ability to stalk some one. Ambush. Kidnap.
  308. The Truth from GTA San Andreas returns!!
  309. attach guns in sports car/luxury car, like green hornet
  310. speed-o-meter, turbo/supercharge meter too!
  311. have the story take place over a few years, your character ages n the city changes as you progress
  312. You can play basketball, football, baseball, etc
  313. Be able to change into disguises when you rob a store or burgle a house
  314. Instead of having random weather have real live weather.
  315. ability to take a hostage and slip away from the police
  316. Add learner drivers to terrorize! they would be really slow and timid
  317. I would like to be able to steel to the people walking on the street, instead of killing him for his money.
  318. You should be able to drive into buildings :L
  319. Have an airport on every island like in SA and the ability to drive planes
  320. Have ferrys to take you to diffferent islands and you should be able to drive your car onto it
  321. Return of the police motorcycle.
  322. Dual weapons
  323. There's area 51 and u can go to space and there's aliens that u can kill or hang out with them in a astronaut suit
  324. U can write books and read magazines
  325. When pulling people out of their car with a gun, you should be able to fire your weapon.
  326. Bring back "insane stunt bonuses"
  327. No mission skipping!
  328. People doing activities around the neighborhoods. (Basketball, Dealing drugs, Gambling... Etc.)
  329. Return of the jetpack.
  330. Bigfoot, UFOs, Leatherface, Ghost cars, Serial killers (Basic GTA Myths & Legends)
  331. Dance clubs with better dance moves.
  332. Secret Weapons & Armor Hidden in several places on the map.
  333. more realistic street racing (crowds, flaggers, ect.)
  334. Tracks (drift tracks, drag strips, ect.)
  335. Option to have a realistic car handling . Like in Mafia 2
  336. Dogs, baby strollers, children and different things on the streets and not just adults...adults can carry differ stuff
  337. the cars are harder to steal.
  338. piking a car lock so you dont have to smash the window
  339. having big guns like minigun flame throer tomey gunturrents and having a armory in one of your safe houses
  340. Minigames on phone (like QUB3D and Tetris) that also pay well if you get on the high score
  341. Trip Skip, and if you fail a mission 7+ times, you also get the ability to skip it, called "Mission Skip".
  342. More Cinematic missions (makes overall missions unique, like train crash, etc)
  343. Extra, convenient cheats (ped riot, explode all nearby cars, spawn friendly/enemy/neutral NPCs for machinima)
  344. More outfits like swat, navy seal, police suit that can be bought and kept depending what enviroment your in to fit in.
  345. Police more realistic. They pull you over, give you a ticket, let you off with a warning not killing you for anything.
  346. More ways to spend money like houses, bribing an officer, gas (fuel), clothes, vehicles, car parts and accessories.
  347. More realistic engine and exhaust sound not the plain old 4 cylinder sound on a (muscle car)
  348. Drag people behind car or bike by rope or chain(like you could in RDR)
  349. Be able to commit suicide, shoot yourself in head(on a roof ledge, fall off side and be able to land on roof of car)
  350. Player has moods like if you constantly crash your car, he starts shouting
  351. Magnet/Grabbing Cranes/Construction Cranes/Mobile cranes so you can pick up cars and objects and put them on vehicles
  352. Towtrucks
  353. Tranporters and Dump Trucks that can tranport cars without them falling off
  354. Deployable Snipers and other guns anywhere on floor while prone or to fences, cars etc to increase accuracy
  355. Online mode like Free mode but same as singleplayer with your saved cars and ability to save
  356. Ability to lie down - prone and crawl under tall cars and fences etc
  357. A system that adds new weapons to the shops every months or something so we always have new weapons to play with! :)
  358. In multiplayer, players should be able to vote on guns in lobby, such as a list is given of ALL guns and players select.
  359. modelled PRESSURE EFFECT with explosions
  360. Police Helicopters dont come so quickly and Police Helicopters arnt alowed in airports so u can get away more quickly
  361. Having silenced weapons
  362. Being able to make escaping from cops easier, by killing all of them
  363. More missions involving your friends
  364. Being able to choose the way you interact with people, aggressively or politely
  365. Have better looking females
  366. Being able to work out (buff up) and learn fighting moves
  367. Ability to become a politician at some point and thus design the city's infrastructure, economy, etc
  368. Ability to design & build new things (homes, offices, stadiums, etc) & thus shape the city your way
  369. Bring back rampages and the red and white pills. Rampages should be against chuggers (charity muggers)
  370. Ability to hatch and execute a plan (to takeover a business, initiate a riot or fashion fad) by manipulating environment
  371. Ability to manipulate people at a psychological level (like torturing them into insanity, kidnapping family members, etc
  372. when in free roam, appear in the news for rampages, killings etc. become most wanted and police ID you on sight
  373. More police vehicles and perhaps play one as the main character.
  374. COP as the main character.
  375. Each person going about an involved life - some going to/heading home from to work, some turn out to be criminals etc!
  376. Ability to help people outside of crime more as well as craft your own heists/robberys etc from interactive environments
  377. Not quite so easy to die or get in trouble as in GTA IV - San Andreas had a good balance there!
  378. More platforms! Mac OS, OnLive, Steam, and iOS.
  379. bring back wheelie bonuses
  380. Red Dead Redemption Health system. It is so hard to get through some GTA missions when looking for health packs.
  381. Get Rid of the Girlfriend things, as if girlfriends in real life aren't exhausting enough!!!
  382. Real Vehicles. Midnight Club III and up had real vehicles so why cant GTA. It would be a lot more fun!
  383. Realistic emergency vehicle lighting and sound! Have original siren sound play behind the others and add way more lights
  384. A safe HOUSE! You can buy bigger as you go and buy furniture and all different accesories.
  385. More different kinds of cars, motorcycles, boats, helicopters and planes, also RC vehicles.
  386. Have things like tornados hurricanes and floods that actually cause damage. Also when raining make roads slippery
  387. Have more things to practice shooting such as birds in the air, deer in the woods etc
  388. Have in game serial killers and hear about them on the radio telling you to watchout and be cautious when outside.
  389. More wildlife such as active sharks in water, dogs, squirels, deer.
  390. Incorporate gas with cars and make use of the gas stations throughout the city to add to the realism of the environment.
  391. In addition to the subway and taxis, buses may be used to roam around the city.
  392. The police should use roadblocks and spike strips to prevent the player from escaping.
  393. Non-lethal weapons should be used by the police in order to make an arrest instead of killing the player all the time!
  394. boats on a trailer that u can pull anywhere and launch them
  395. add speedometer, rpm and
  396. More realistic NPCs, more diverse: more variety in nationality and languages and traditions, affecting their behaviour.
  397. Able to barge cars through buildings
  398. Ability to buy a whole lot more things like vehicles. We always have so much money but nothing to really spend it on
  399. A server system for online play. Like for example the server system on CounterStrike. Or just more prefrences..,
  400. Gang Wars as well as business takeovers.
  401. More variety of weapons.
  402. More car realism, EG. make the interior like taxis. Also allow us to open the back doors on vans/trucks and store stuff.
  403. Better Phone like the one in CW. One with the radio, Internet, etc
  404. Variable Storyline. Follow different characters' perspectives as you venture through the city. i.e Gang, Escaped Convict
  405. Incorporate your own music through File Share and listen to it in game on the Radio or download via the Internet Cafe.
  406. Zombie Apocalypse: A complete new Single-Player and Online experience (Similar to Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare.)
  407. Past and current music of all different types hip hop,R and B Jazz Rock Pop,Techno,Country,Funk etc.
  408. The ablilty to get a ticket or boot (or what ever its called) instead of getting busted for small accidents!
  409. When you drive a cop car, everyone thinks that you are cop. EVEN the police!
  410. More NPC's. not like it is now that you see two of the same people.
  411. The ability to walk in to every building.
  412. The ability to stand on top of a driving car!!
  413. The ability to record a movie and edit it like on the pc version! And downloadeble mods for free on PlayStation Store =D
  414. have the ability to dive like in san andreas
  415. more gangster clothes, hats and shoes. ( baggy jeans )
  416. A function-able helipad or hangar so you can save your aircraft.
  417. large ships and ships that can be used, in addition to small boats
  418. More minigames that consume money, so that you can use your money for something after beating the game.
  419. ability (unlockable from weapon skills or whatever) to double-fist ALMOST ANY gun
  420. the ability to spraypaint anything with different tags and use spraypaint and mace as weapons, also some peds have mace
  421. Smarter Traffic A.I. (i.e. they don't try to drive through you if you're stopped at a red light)
  422. kinect features
  423. Have own crew of mafia guys or gang members who help you in missions or on street
  424. A storyline based on: Classic crime, action, driving movies and a parody of contemporary movies.
  425. ability to get married and/or have kids
  426. ability to take drugs (if heavier drugs are takin you can become addicted)
  427. drug dealing (not smuggling , dealing weed , coke , crack etc. on a street corner)
  428. Have gangs be like crips and bloodz and ur in a gang like saints row
  429. realism with the aircraft to crash. that can break the wings, crashing into a building or houses, etc.
  430. the wheel of the car can rotate
  431. The ability to turn off traction and stability control so it is possible to drift without being a modder.
  432. Barbed wires: Police +3 stars throw them on the road to stop you. Can be purchased from a shops for the same purpose.
  433. Customize you'r own character! everything in the character should be accurate like he's voice and the way he talk.
  434. real cars, cars that really exist with their respective brands
  435. airport stopper's the one's that check you out at airport when you arrive at a another country
  436. Housing: Purchase decoration and unlock special ones (Soda dispenser, Shotgun closet, various TVs, posters:ppl,places)
  437. big airplane that you can put your cars in!
  438. The ability to climb and free run. (maybe by gradual learning? side missions?) so you eventually get better.
  440. More than one or two of the fastest cars, like in GTA IV you had to search the map 96.5 times to find an infernus.. :/
  441. Abilty to steal and ride a train
  442. ferrys what you can take around the world (like in gta lcs
  443. more lift working inside a building
  444. shows and fireworks
  445. Learn different fighting styles like kung fu n boxing etc.
  446. Have a dog any kind
  448. increased damage realism in vehicles such as lost wheels, parts, etc. also cracked glass
  449. Ability to give cops a hard time during arrest n possibly get away
  450. Ability to steal anything from any place or person and sell it
  451. Ability to burn down buidings, trees, etc.
  452. Abilty to choose female or male main character and customize like a sim
  453. female main character
  454. Gives many bikes and cars with N2O
  455. To start the game as a nobody and have to build a name for yourself, so you can intimidate people on the street etc.. :)
  456. Bring back walking controls from previous installments, so that the left arrow button means the character strafes left.
  457. Fix the damn camera so it doesn't float around, especially when taking corners. GTA3 had the best camera options.
  458. Include skateboards, kick-bikes and bikes to the vehicle variety
  459. Cage fighting, like TBoGT
  460. More TV shows to watch, more channels, more hilarious adds.
  461. Biker gangs, like TLAD
  462. More odd jobs. e.g. truckdriver, job selling vehicles, hot-dogs, nuts, ice-cream, newspapers.
  463. Add a gun stash to safehouse. Would operate similar to CW's drug stash.
  464. In addition to gambling, you could buy (a) lottery ticket(s) and watch on TV if you won or not. (huge prize for jackpot)
  465. More interactive 'internet', e.g. you could start a correspondence with e-mail, not just reply.
  466. Ability to give items to NPCs (friends, girlfriends) e.g clothing, phones, mp3 players. i.e. bring back gifts.
  467. Vehicles would run out of fuel, but you could steal fuel from other vehicles and gas stations (you could buy it too).
  468. Improved character development from San Andreas (gaining and loosing weight, muscle, weapon skills, driving skills).
  469. Have the Mexican mob as a criminal orgamization into the game, and missions for it.
  470. The ability to create outfits from the clothes you purchased. Then you could change outfits instead of separate items.
  471. More sports, e.g. tennis, pole vaulting, triathlon, weight lifting
  472. Able to customize your safehouse,wallpaper, furniture, garage space etc.
  473. Realism:Ability to sit down on chairs,climb a tree etc.
  474. Ability to rob a bank anytime you want...alone or with your crew!
  475. Being able to bring down buildings with explosives.
  476. STEALTH: Like in The Warriors or Manhunt. Ability to hide in certain dark spots at night.
  477. Girlfriends/Friends DON'T ring you for dates, you ring them - unless it's part of storyline progession.
  478. A cameo of Niko and/or other IV characters.
  479. The ability to use junk and debris (e.g. car bumpers, little pieces of scaffolding) as melee weapons.
  480. ability to do some jobs for extra money like the parking kid, jornalist, taxi driver, hired gun...
  481. Saints Row style distractions like the ability to kidnap passengers of cars you jacked for money and get ransom money.
  482. Ability to turn radio on in cop cars, ambulances and fire trucks
  483. Play as a Police Officer - pull cars over, drugs warrants etc.
  484. No DLC's, or addons. All in the game from the very start.
  485. Full control over cutscenes
  486. To be able to order items (e.g. weapons, clothes, cars) off of the in-game internet to be delivered to your safehouse.
  487. Fingerless gloves.
  488. The option of a first-person view while inside a vehicle (i.e. looking from inside the vehicle).
  489. Longer story with a lot of secondary missions.
  490. places open and working like the amusement park, zoo, military base, casinos, port (with ships loading and leaving)
  491. A heavy machinegun that is really inaccurate when fired on foot but can be deployed on solid objects.
  492. Really over the top tasks like hijacking a military helicopter or stunt-jumping on top of a huge river.
  493. Diners and other small businesses you can enter may be held up.
  494. Hot coffee.
  495. More detailed nightclubs all over town like in TBoGT.
  496. Some major crimes commited by NPCs in other part of the map that are reported in the news.
  497. Lots of explosive weapons.
  498. Gang turfs.
  499. Donkeys and horses you can ride on like in Red Dead Redemption
  500. A camera to save pictures to a folder on your PC
  501. A decent reward when you reach 100%.
  502. The return of some form of Japanese Yakuza as an ingame gang.
  503. Offline multiplayer (i.e. splitscreen)
  504. multiplayer clan support
  505. Screenshot capture (and editor?) for consoles
  506. Add extra side-missions in *cheap* DLC (free for PC) such as remakes of VCS Playground missions.
  507. Crimes committed by npc's that you can choose to get involved with.
  508. The ability to lose cops by changing clothes and cars.
  509. Enhanced hand-to-hand combat (e.g. choking, grabbing, throwing objects, etc)
  510. The ability to use pedestrians as human shields when you gain a wanted level.
  511. Bring back garages, but in addition to on-street parking. Increase protection of cars in on-street parking spaces.
  512. No more getting arrested for accidentally hitting a cop car.
  513. Buying/selling real estate (safe houses) and automobiles
  514. Wilderness immersion - animals, trees that crackle with age, foliage, etc.
  515. Fines for common traffic violations (i.e. minor wanted level)
  516. More interior locations (including mission specific ones that can be visited at any time).
  517. MP3 player (while not in a vehicle)
  518. More activities in Free Mode (getting drunk, playing darts/pool with a friend, etc.)
  519. To get in jail when you get busted, then bribe a cop to let you.
  520. Mechanism to facilitate legitimate adding of object mods (e.g. cars) whilst keeping main protected game files untouched
  521. Clothes physics. Let's have our protagonist able to sweep about in a cool flowing long overcoat. That sort of thing.
  522. Selection of more crazy weapons(chainsaws, swords, etc...).
  523. Return of old favorites (vehicles) like the Rhino and the Hunter along with similar vehicles.
  524. Bigger variety of weapons, as much as VC/SA or more.
  525. Repair your engine when broken.
  526. Customizable radio station.
  527. Gambling.
  528. More friends / wider variety of friend activities.
  529. Haircuts, facial hair, and tattoos.
  530. A location never visited before in the series.
  531. Rewards for every 5 or 10 Hidden Packages you find (like in GTA III)
  532. To have more co op missions than IV
  533. To be set in London
  534. Slow- motion shooting like Max Payne
  535. Expanded Empire Building system from Vice City Stories
  536. Five-Star wanted level - FBI, Six-Star wanted level - Army
  537. Vehicle customization
  538. Emphasis on immersion, not arcade-y San Andreas gameplay.
  539. Dedicated Servers for the PC version of the game.
  540. Airplanes!
  541. Falling snow and seasons cycle.
  542. run and gun instead of cover based combat
  543. Limb dismemberment
  544. More destructible objects.
  545. Weapon customization.
  546. Articulated NPC Driven Trucks with Trailers
  547. Vehicles with operational convertible tops (both folding hardtop and softtop types).
  548. Pay and Spray Enhancement - ability to select from standard cars' colours instead of the present random/cycle selection
  549. Lots of cheats, like in San Andreas.
  550. Burglary missions.
  551. Unique environment with many terrains. Such as desert, cities and woodlands.
  552. More RPG elements.
  553. Dialogue system similiar to Mass Effect series
  554. Manual Car Transmission.