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GTA Online

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Rockstar Games typically releases three (or four) promotional trailers prior to each game launch. So far there have been six GTA V trailers excluding the "Michael. Franklin. Trevor." trailers.

Grand Theft Auto: V - A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip

Yet another new trailer was released on Friday 12th September 2014 at 2PM EST to accompany the reveal of the official release dates for Playstation 4 and Xbox One (18th November 2014) and PC (27th January 2015).

Grand Theft Auto: V - Next-Generation Announcement Trailer

Rockstar Games officially announced that GTA V (and GTA Online) would be coming to next-generation platforms Playstation 4 and Xbox One, as well as PC, via a 1 minute 18 second trailer on Monday 9th June 2014 at 11PM EST. The video had initially debuted at Sony's E3 Conference and was later revealed on the Newswire.

Grand Theft Auto: V - The Official Trailer

Rockstar Games has released the "official" trailer for Grand Theft Auto: V and is a minute long and also features the song:The Chain Gang of 1974 - Sleepwalking. The trailer showcases the final build of the game and will be aired on TV as an advertisement. The trailer was released on Thursday 29th August 2013 at 11AM EST.

Grand Theft Auto: Online - Gameplay Trailer

Rockstar has released a 3 minute and 3 second gameplay video that shows off GTA: Online; an exciting and ambitious project that Rockstar Games has developed alongside GTA V's development. It shows off a variety of features like co-op heists, missions, the deathmatch/race creator and exploring the world with your friends along with many, many other things. The trailer is below for your viewing pleasure, enjoy.

Grand Theft Auto: V - Official Gameplay Video

Rockstar has released a 4 minute and 51 second gameplay video that shows off GTA V's score, the brand new game HUD, how the mechanics of the protagonist trio work, how to tackle heists and how they go about their daily lives and plenty more. The trailer was released on the 9th July, 2013 at 10AMEST. The gameplay trailer is below here for your viewing, enjoy!

Grand Theft Auto: V - Michael. Franklin. Trevor.

The three trailers were released on 30th April, 2013 at 11AMEST. The three-minute-and-fifty-three second footage was revealed and it gave an in-depth look into all of the three main characters in GTA V.

As with all new GTA trailers, they're accompanied with brilliant music, and these three trailers are no different. In Michael's trailer, the song is: Queen - Radio Ga Ga, in Franklin's trailer the song is: Jay Rock - Hood Gone Love It (Feat. Kendrick Lamar), and finally, in Trevor's trailer, the song is: Waylon Jennings - Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way.

Grand Theft Auto: V - Second Trailer

The second trailer was revealed on November 14, 2012 at 11:00 am EDT. The one-minute-and-fifty-second footage revealed more areas and showed more footage of the characters, especially the three main playable characters: Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Also available on YouTube. A selection of GTAV trailer screenshots can also be found. The song featured in the trailer is the 1987 track Skeletons, by Stevie Wonder. You can listen to the full track below:

Grand Theft Auto: V - Debut Trailer

The debut trailer was revealed on Wednesday 2nd November 2011 at 12noon EST. The one-and-a-half-minute long footage served as an introduction to the game's setting (present day Los Santos) and hinted at some of the major themes in the story. The song featured in the trailer is the 1968 track Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake by the British band Small Faces.